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Hall of Fame Bylaws








The mission of the West Milford High School Athletic Hall of Fame (HOF) shall be to honor former athletes, teams and coaches who demonstrated outstanding achievement as well as those individuals who provided distinguished service to West Milford High School in the area of athletics.  The ultimate purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor excellence in those who generated greater visibility for the high school, its academics, and the athletic program.




The HOF Executive Committee members will consist of five or more members of the current and former West Milford Athletic community.  The Executive Committee will oversee the entire induction process in a way that is fair and timely while maintaining its integrity.  The Executive committee will include these positions:

  1.  Chairman

    • Maintain all committee business, prepare meeting schedules, agendas and call special meetings.

    • Assign committees and responsibilities.

    • Maintain all valid applications for induction into the HOF.

  2.  Assistant Chairman

    • Conduct business meetings in the absence of the Chairman.

  3.  Secretary/Treasurer

    • Keep a record of organization minutes, including attendance at meetings.

    • Keep records of organization finances.

  4.  Executive Committee Member(s) at Large

  5.  Athletic Director

    • Initiate and handle all official communications between Executive Committee, school administration and the general public.


Terms of office for committee members shall be a minimum of 3 years.  All eligible Executive Committee members shall have full voting privileges concerning committee action.


Further, the Executive Committee shall annually review the Bylaws and make changes when appropriate.






A minimum of fifty percent of the total eligible membership shall constitute a quorum to conduct regular, special and voting meetings.  The number of committee members in good standing will be determined at the beginning of each new year at the January meeting or first meeting of the calendar year.


The Executive Committee will meet a minimum of 3 times per year.  Full committee will meet a minimum of 2 times per year.




All members are expected to be in attendance at all regular meetings, be actively engaged in pursuit of the organization’s objectives and goals and fulfill the following sub-committees, which may be changed by the Chairman as necessary:

  1.  Publicity Committee – use various methods to promote the HOF such as social media, booster organization, newspaper, school website, poster on school property, flyers around town, alumni database, local cable, etc.

  2. Banquet Committee – [responsible for] invitations, RSVP, decorations, payments, seating, securing facility, ceremony format, arranging for guest speakers, etc.

  3. Awards Committee – choose and procure the awards for the event including those for inductees as well as for school display.

  4. Event Program Committee – work with NHS students to create event program

  5. Fundraising Committee – organize fundraisers such as beefsteak dinner, solicit donations and program ads from community as well as former inductees

  6. Communications Committee – inform all inductees of details after Athletic Director has notified them of selection, gather more inductee information for program, gather team list member, etc.

  7. Selection Committee – actively research candidates, screen nominations, discussion, vote on nominees.


Committee and sub-committee appointments are made by the Executive Committee.




To be considered for the West Milford High School Athletic Hall of Fame, an Individual, Coach, Team or Special Contributor must meet the following criteria:


  1.  Athletes must have lettered in sport for which they are being nominated.  They must have been out of school for a minimum of 10 years prior to induction.

  2. Coaches at West Milford High School who have served at least 5 years in the sport, and have contributed significantly to the welfare of student athletes and the progress of West Milford Twp. High School.  The nominee must have been separated from all active coaching duties at West Milford High School.

  3. Teams are eligible 10 years from the completion of their athletic season.  They must have won a County, State Sectional, State Group, and/or State All Group championship.

  4. Special contributors who have made significant contributions to the development of student athletes and West Milford High School athletics.  The nominee must be widely recognized for outstanding athletic related services.

  5. The nominees must have exemplified character and integrity through his/her athletic contribution and been held in high regard by his/her peers.





  1.  Executive Committee will decide voting dates and banquet dates at the first meeting of the year.

  2. Nominations must be submitted to the nomination selection Chairperson using the West Milford High School Athletic HOF Nomination Form.  A final submission date shall be determined by the HOF Executive Committee for each induction class.

  3. All nominees shall be screened thoroughly by the HOF nomination committee based on HOF criteria.

  4. A member of the HOF committee will present each nominee to the committee for voting.

  5. The HOF nomination selection committee will conduct a preliminary screening to establish those nominees whom shall be placed on the final election ballot.  This preliminary screening shall select no more than15 individual athletes, four teams, four coaches, and two special contributors.

  6. All applications of nominees not selected for induction shall remain on file for future consideration for a period of 5 years.  Nominators may update the packet at any point while being held. 

  7. For entrance into the HOF a nominee must receive a majority of the votes. In the event of a tie, both nominees will be award winners.

  8.  All committee members in good standing must be present for the final vote, unless extenuating circumstance occur.  Committee members must be present at the meeting to vote. ( NOTE: Article 6h will go into effect in second year (session) of HOF nominations. )

  9. Candidates chosen for induction into the HOF will be honored at the Semi Annual Hall of Fame Awards Dinner Induction Ceremony.




Committee members shall vote anonymously by written closed ballot.  The votes shall be tallied by the Chairman and a randomly selected committee member present at the meeting.






The Hall of Fame Awards Dinner Induction Ceremony site and date will be determined at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

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