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Nomination Form


Nominations can be made using either format of files below:

-Word doc can be downloaded and digitally filled out, emailed, or sent via US mail.

-PDF can be downloaded, filled out by hand and either scanned and emailed or sent via US mail. 

-Online form can be completed online and will be submitted automatically. 

Completed nomination forms can be sent to either: or mailed to:

Joe Trentacosta

Athletic Director

West Milford HS 

67 Highlander Dr. 

West Milford NJ 07480





The West Milford Township High School Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations for its inaugural Hall of Fame. Nominations for inductees may be placed in 4 categories:


  1. Athlete: A former high school athlete whose accomplishments as a high school athlete were extraordinary. Said athlete shall have completed high school at least 10 years prior to being eligible for nomination.

  2. Coach: A former coach whose accomplishments as a high school coach merit recognition, and who has been inactive as a coach for a minimum of 3 years.

  3. Contributor: An individual who has made outstanding contributions to athletics in some capacity other than athlete or coach. Areas may include administration, sports medicine, sports media, financial support, volunteer.

  4. Team: The team nominated must completed their last season at least 10 years prior to nomination.


Nominees will be judged on their significance to athletics at WMTHS. The official nomination form approved by the Board of Directors must be completed and submitted at a predetermined place and time (to be designated).


Any person who is properly nominated but not selected to the Athletic Hall of Fame shall remain on the list of eligible nominees for 5 years without having to be re-nominated each year.


Inductees into the Athletic Hall of Fame will be selected by the Hall of Fame full committee membership. The initial group shall include 8 Athletes, 2 Teams, 3 Coaches, and 3 Contributors.


There will be a banquet held and all inductees to be admitted into the Athletic Hall of Fame shall be represented by themselves or a designated person (ie: A deceased inductee represented by a family member or an inductee unable to attend shall be represented by a designated individual).


West Milford Township High School has a rich tradition of sports. Many individuals have made extraordinary contributions and have superb accomplishments. The Athletic Hall of Fame seeks to honor these contributions and accomplishments.


For more information, call Joe Trentacosta at 973-697-1701 x 7066 or email

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